All Japanese All The Time – Blog about doing everything in Japanese (also applicable for other languages!) The place where I found my motivation to learn Japanese
Yahoo! dictionary – Good English-Japanese, Japanese-English and Japanese-Japanese dictionary. This is the one I always use.
The Dirty Guide to Japanese
Tae Kim’s Japanese Grammar Guide
– A really great free course!
Japanese Lessons with Maggie – A great blog with a lot of information.
JLTP Blues – a blog with good information, but it’s not updated anymore.
J Gram – A Japanese grammar database
Japanese Pod 101 – A great place for podcasts. You have to pay to get their older podcasts, unless you download them all with a free trial.
Kanji Koohii – A place that goes with the book “Remembering the Kanji” by James R. Heisig. It has an amazing forum. The people are really awesome.


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