Welcome to Logos Adventures! A place where I invite you to join me on my adventures in learning languages. Here I will share my goals and missions, tips and advice, philosophies and ramblings.

Welcome all! I created this blog in response to being bitten by the polyglot bug. (Read more about that in my ridiculously long About section! :D) I need motivation for these language “missions” and nothing is better than the threat of public scorn! Ha, ha. This blog will cover many things from details about my missions to lessons I learn to tips for better learning. I am not very experienced so that last one may not come for a while. I will however share tips I’ve learned from others.

Blog post will be updated on a weekly basis, either on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you want to see what I’m doing on a (mostly) daily basis you can head over to my other blog, Benkyou no Nikki (it means “study diary” in Japanese).

Happy reading everyone! And good luck with your language missions!


About veronica226

I'm a dedicated Christian learning Japanese to be a missionary and tell people about Jesus! I LOVE to read. I like hiking, swimming, watching thunderstorms and just generally anything outside.
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One Response to Welcome!

  1. Readers Cafe says:

    We here love languages as well. Like the way you have mentioned different topics related to languages. I really like the overall look of your blog.

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