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The Importance of Input

(Picture courtesy of Free Digital Photos.) Before we get into today’s post about the importance of input, I want to state very clearly that I do not think that input is the be-all, end-all. I believe that the quickest way … Continue reading

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Choosing a Language: Because “why not” Doesn’t Cut It.

I thought that a picture with a directional sign was appropriate for this post. 😛 So, you want to learn a foreign language, but which one do you choose? Here in the states Spanish seems appropriate, as it is becoming … Continue reading

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The End of a Six Week Adventure

There are new adventures just down the trail! The end of one is the beginning of the next! For the last six weeks I have been participating in a 6 Week Challenge for languages. The purpose of this is that … Continue reading

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Welcome to Logos Adventures! A place where I invite you to join me on my adventures in learning languages. Here I will share my goals and missions, tips and advice, philosophies and ramblings. Welcome all! I created this blog in … Continue reading

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